3 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Corporate Secretarial Firm

One of the key ingredients to the recipe of setting up a rewarding business is hiring good people. This will ensure that your organization is in good hands as qualified individuals holding the crucial positions make a significant impact on how business functions and improve overall profitability.

If you plan to set up a company in Singapore, then the secretarial role is of paramount importance; you need a knowledgeable individual with extensive industry experience to honor this position.

Whether you’re a startup or an offshore company with big plans to penetrate the Asian market, hiring a professional corporate secretarial firm will ensure that only a credible person is taking that job.

Before We Dig Deeper, It is Imperative to Know What a Company Secretary is and Their Responsibilities?

A company secretary is someone who looks after all the administrative activities of the company. Moreover, he/she is responsible for establishing that the company is adhering to all the regulations put forth by the state and concerned authorities.

Failure to appoint a passionate and smart corporate secretary would lead to significant problems for your company.

It is mandatory to appoint a company secretary as per the Singapore company’s act. According to this act, the corporate secretary position must not be vacant for more than six from the incorporation of the business.

As per the law, the position cannot be taken by the director or shareholders of the company. You’ve done the comprehensive research work to find someone you trust and rely on this job.

Besides being enforced by law in Singapore to have a company secretary, their job is so critical that only a competent individual can align with the requirements.

Now, take a look at the key reasons to engage in corporate secretarial services:-

#1 Efficient Handling of Administrative Tasks

Many top corporate secretarial firms have qualified & trained staff to handle all your organization’s administrative works with great ease & efficiency.

Outsourcing this position to a professional secretarial agency assures that your company aligns with the strict regulatory requirements and all your business operations are managed with in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Furthermore, you’ve complete peace of mind that you won’t get penalized for inaccurate and late submission reports or non-compliance.

#2 Ease & Convenience

Since a credible corporate secretarial agency has trained people with vast knowledge in dealing with the complexity of administrative tasks, you can easily focus on the bigger picture of the company, including growth slope and investments.

All the processes and requirements are done with great convenience and efficiency. This eventually saves you from all the hassles you may have to go through if you hire an incompetent in-house company secretary.

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