401k Employer Match Limit in 2020


Recently, in November 2019, the employee’s 401k contribution limits 2019 increased. The increase raises the total annual contribution amount to $57,000 or a hundred percent of the salary amount of the employee if they make less than that. There are companies who usually of maximum six percent in the match in funds and there is no particular limit to the amount that an employer can contribute in order to reach the annual cap.

Every year usually in November the internal revenue service reviews the contribution limits and adjusts or maximizes the amount. As we have already stated that this year, the amount has been increased from 19000$ to $19,500. Apart from this, the catch-up contribution rose up to $6,500 and the limit on combined employer contribution or employee contribution has also been enhanced. Along with all this, the basic limits have also been altered. All has been done with the motive to encourage the employees who are near their retiring to speed up their savings. With the help of this planet becomes easier for the employees to save for their future especially for the retirement time. However, there is a particular limit that is required to be respected.

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401(k) k contribution limits


There are some important aspects that are important for employees to keep in mind regarding the contribution limit. The total annual contribution amount is basically the limit of an individual that implies all the plans he or she is having. Yes, it is important to always keep a close eye on the total amount. It doesn’t matter how much money the employee is made in how much salary is getting. Only the first 285000$ are eligible for the contributions. This cap is basically introduced with the motive to ensure the retirement savings of the person.

What exactly a 401(k) catch up contribution is?

The 401(k) catch up contribution provision was made by the economic growth and tax relief reconciliation act of 2001. The major motive of this contribution is to help the older employees to set aside enough savings so that they can easily enjoy their retirement period. The employees who are 50 or older qualified to contribute an extra $6500 per year to their account. This is basically a limit that has been set for the employees.

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What are highly compensated and employees?


According to the statement given by IRS, the highly compensated employees are basically who own more than 5% interest in the company regardless of how much compensation they have on. Apart from this, the people having their celery greater or equal to $1,30,000 are also considered as highly compressed from the companies. Apart from this, it is also important to determine that the key employees are either the company officers who make more than 185000$ are the 5% owner of the business. In case and employee who owns more than 1% of the business for arms around 1,50,000$ or more are also considered as the key employee of the company. The employee retirement income security act requires the employees to undergo discrimination testing annually so that the plans can easily get insured. Also with the help of this, it is ensured that the people who are earning less do not face any partiality as compared to the higher-income employees.

The major keep a quiz according to the contribution act at the following

  • First of all, the employees can contribute up to $19, 500 to their 401(k) plan from 2020.
  • The amount has been increased up to $500 from 2019
  • People who are having age more than 50 years are actually eligible for the additional catch-up contribution of 6500 $ per year. In the year 2019, it was $6,000
  • Along with the employees, the employees are also eligible for contribution but the limit is $62,000. This limit combines both the employee and employer contribution. In the year 2019, the limit was $56,000.

In the year 2020, the combined limit went up to 63500$ with the catch-up contribution2020 & 2019 401(k) Match Limits

Defined Contribution Plan Limits 2020 2019 Difference
Maximum employee contribution $19,500 $19,000 +$500
Catch-up contribution for employees aged 50 or older $6,500 $6,000 +$500
Total contribution maximum (employer + employee) $57,000 $56,000 +$1,000
Total contribution maximum (employer + employee) for employees aged 50+ $63,500 $62,000 +$1,500
Employee compensation limit $285,000 $280,000 +$5,000
Key employee salary threshold $185,000 $180,000 +$5,000
Highly compensated employee salary threshold $130,000 $125,000 +$5,000

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