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The state of Rajasthan has launched the new Apna Khata provision. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has launched this initiative. This project’s main objective is to provide citizens with online information about land records. People can get every detail of land records. Check Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal online below.

Apna Khata is an on-line revenue platform for Rajasthan, Bihar, Patna, UP Government, etc. The government of Rajasthan Shri Vasundhara Raje has launched the Apna Khata program for Rajasthan. This online portal allows people to obtain a snapshot of their documents, usually known as Jamabandi Nakal online. You need not directly visit the relevant government agency for a copy of the ROR. The manual preparing of Nakal Jamabandi was stopped with the launch of your account.

Citizens can see the land documents by using the Khata number and the Khata name. Each land record detail is made online and you can update your issues if you have any concerns on the page.

RajasthanApna Khata Jamabandi

Here you can find some details about the necessity of land records.

  • To test the mutation status, there is some need to collect land records.
  • To verify land rights when selling and buying land.
  • To open a bank account and to raise a bank’s farming credit loan.
  • It is necessary to divide the land in the case of legal cases.
  • Specific purposes.

How to Avail Apna Khata/Land Records/Nakal?

  1. Visit the official website of Rajasthan Apna Khata –
  2. Select the “Apna Khata” option.
  3. Choose the District, Tehsil, and village.
  4. Enter details of the name and number of Khata or Khasra.
  5. Ensure to provide correct details and click on the submit button.
  6. Citizens can see the details of land records on the screen.
  7. People can avail of a hard copy for future reference.

Benefits of Rajasthan Jamabandi Nakal/Record of Rights (ROR):

  • The presence of the ancestral land or any other property in the state can be confirmed with the help of ROR.
  • ROR helps to provide the required information regarding all the activities undertaken on land and on the land type.
  • ROR is important when the land is transformed/sold.
  • You can apply for a loan depending on your ROR.
  • ROR may be created as evidence of land records in any litigation.
  • With the aid of ROR, the agricultural part of the country’s information can be accessed.

Steps to Check Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal Rajasthan Account Online:

  1. Citizens need to visit their accounts in the official portal of Rajasthan i.e.,
  2. The home page shows the map to select your required district upon choosing the name.
  3. Choose your district from the list of all the tehsils names.
  4. Select the Tehsil and the new reloaded page is shown below. Select the cadastral year for your ROR search.
  5. Choose a case by entering any of the following options like account, Measles, and Name.
  6. Enter all the necessary details and click on the “Get Duplicate” option.
  7. Users can view the rights records (Jamabandi Nakal) copy on the web page.
  8. Print this page for further reference.
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