Check Online Land Records Using Odisha Bhulekh 2020 Portal

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Are you unaware of Odisha Bhulekh? Have an idea about land record details of Orissa state online? If not, check the following post to know what is Odisha Bhulekh.

Official Land Web Portal of Orissa:

Bhulekh Odisha is a web portal designed and developed by National Informatics Center, Bhubaneswar. The Odisha Government’s official website provides information on the landlords, farm/plot records, land chart (Naksha), ROR, property value, the owner’s plot, and additional key information.

Odisha Bhulekh is a land record web portal for the citizens of the state of Odhisa. It provides an opportunity for the citizens of the state to access their land records through an online platform. This online portal for land records holds all the details of land holdings in the state. Citizens can easily access all their records just by visiting the portal and providing the necessary information.

For easy and quick access, these records were computerized as and when the people needs. You can access this portal online and you can retrieve these records for interested parties. This portal will provide the people involved in this program with convenient services.

Odisha Bhulekh

The Need for Holding Land Records:

The land is a valuable property and therefore, in everybody’s life, it has great importance who owns a land. Therefore, keeping and maintaining land records is significant. Land records are critical documents containing complete land information, such as registration date, ROR, map, region and other related information.

Importance of Odisha Bhulekh 2020:

Check all the crucial information regarding Bhulekh, Odisha in this particular article. You can read this article if you are a resident in Odisha and holding land, and also unaware of this online portal. You can understand, through the article on what land records are, their value, how you can identify the ROR, the map of the property you have, the history and the related information.

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Key Benefits and Features of Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Portal:

  • The Odisha government’s official website for Odisha Bhulekh keeps up-to-date with the latest data, apps, facilities, and alerts everyone on it in time.
  • The portal maintains transparent land records so that the scheme does not have any fraud questions by its users.
  • Maintaining computerized data on Bhulekh Odisha’s official website saves people’s time and money.
  • For simple synchronization, the electronic data processed on the device is linked to the measuring books.
  • Property Registration (Village, Urban), Plan Map Odisha Bhulekh Record of Rights, State Register Naked Odisha Bhulekh Record of rights

Steps to Check Land Details in the Odisha Bhulekh 2020 Portal:

  1. Go to the Official Portal ie to check land details.
  2. Citizens, to access the Land Record Information, should enter their District, Tehsil, Village, RI Circle, etc.
  3. Also one can get information either through Khatiyan, Tenant or Plot information.
  4. As per your choice of component, enter the information.
  5. Upon choosing the field, select RoR FrontPage and RoR Back Page, and download the ROR Document having complete land details.
  6. Also, users can save a copy of the document as PDF by clicking on the Print Link.
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