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Who would have figured that they could check online in India for property records and land records? Okay, the records are now accessible in India to know. The method is so easy that anyone can check with one click.

The real estate business is a non-transparent industry, involving a lot of black money. Before trading, it is important to monitor the land record. The real estate sector is not only vulnerable to high theft. In addition, the Indian government has amended the property bill to protect the purchaser against fraud. Today the following post let you know how to check online Rajasthan land records in India.

The aim of this scheme is to computerize the government of India’s RoR system and many of the states have begun to provide RoR online, as part of the National Land Record Modernisation Program (NLRMP). Nearly all states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, and MP are now maintaining digital land records.

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Land Survey Number is the unique number provided to a given property or land by the survey department, which contains details such as location, shape, size and land ownership.

Land Survey Number – Its Benefits

The major benefits of a Land Survey Number are:

  • This acts as an information database for a certain piece of land.
  • It helps you to settle legal differences involving a particular state.
  • This acts as an information source for the growth of neighboring areas.
  • It is also useful to sell or sign a certain piece of land.

How to Get Land Survey Number?


The agency concerned determines the land survey amount in the respective state. The officials examine the piece of land to identify the frontiers, contributing to a chart of the size and shape of the region.

Both Rajasthan state land documents have been posted online. You can analyze land records using a survey number, EC number and Chitta number such as when the land has been registered and under whose names the land is registered and if it has any defects or disadvantages that can all be seen via the online website.

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You have to open the government website first (http:/apnakhata.raj.nic) and then follow the steps to get online your account information in Rajasthan.

  1. You need to pick your district and then choose your tehsil and your village after you open the web site of your account (Apna Khata) (http:/
  2. You have to click on the first letter of your village name to select the name of the village, or you can check for the name of your village on the list too.
  3. You need to select your account/measles after selecting your village names, and then select the “tenant” name.
  4. You will then have to fill in all your information in the form like your account number, email, and amount of Khasra and remember that the information should be filled out correctly.
  5. You have to click on the submit button after you fill in all the details.
  6. Then, you can get the details of the land after completing all the information on your Rajasthan page.
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