How To Do Forex Trading In India for Beginners 2020


If you contact a reliable broker like JustForex, then you can make a successful trading. It will also offer you a quote for buying or selling the currency. The benefits of forex trading are increased liquidity, no exchange fees or commissions, reduced margin, anytime trading, and direct trading. If you want to successfully trade currency in India means, then you must know its complete rules and regulations. Along with that, you have to clearly understand the laws which govern it. The legal status of forex in India is quite. It is because; the trading in India has been established partially legal and partially illegal.

The process involved in doing Forex Trading in India:

Before knowing the process involved in doing the forex trading in India, you have to understand its outline and features completely. In India, the forex trading has been regulated by certain central authorities; they are SEBI – Securities Exchange Board of India and RBI – Reserve Bank of India. Then the MSE – Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India and NSE – National Stock Exchange are the widely utilized stock exchanges in India. By knowing all these factors, you can proceed further.


The initial step at the time of forex trading is to open the official account in India with the trusted forex broker. That broker must have a registered member in the Securities Exchange Board of India. After the account is perfectly opened, then you will become a forex trader now, and after that, you can trade anytime you want in your future. It considers an effective role in finding out forex trading to do easily. You could get into a good platform for making the currency market. It depends upon the most trusted broker for managing currencies.

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Here you can able to find 2 types of accounts – business account or personal account. Hence in order to do the forex trading in India, the currency has to be like Euro and INR, US Dollar and INR, JPY and INR, Great Britain Pound and INR, and much more. Basically, forex trading takes place when you purchase currency on fewer amounts and sell it at the highest price. This can increase the profit rate of the people in the currency market. In order to make it possible, you have to visit the most trusted broker. You should meet the exchanges properly by doing it as per the currency values.

Is the forex trading legal in India?

Generally, none of the citizens of India can able to undertake the forex trading through any online or electronic trading platform in India. It is also to be noted that the reserve bank of India announced in 2013 that forex trading is prohibited in India through any online portals.

But still, the question keeps on existing in India that – ‘Is the forex trading legal in India?’ the answer is here now. It is clearly mentioned that forex trading is considered to be a legal one only when it is done via the forex trading platforms. Here, the base currency is none other than INR. There is one act introduced like FEMA Act. If you are involved in illegal forex trading activities, then you will be fined or to face imprisonment. Here, a key factor that everyone has to understand is that there is no ban for NRIs to execute the process of forex trading in India.

The final conclusion for the answer to ‘Is the forex trading legal in India?’ is mentioned below.

Of course, it is legal in India, only if you execute the complete process with the help of the registered or trusted Indian brokers. They must have all types of skills and clearly know everything about forex trading. They also must do it legally in a most enhanced manner. But, the foreign currency trading between the 2 foreign currencies is completely illegal in India. It should meet the final decision for evaluating the forex trading that is legal in India.

The forex trading will be legal only if the base currency is INR – Indian Rupee. Here it is clearly understood that the forex traders of India who do overseas trading from India are considered to be an illegal one. Both directly and indirectly, the citizens of India are not permitted to send the funds overseas to the foreign exchange brokers. Based on the particular conditions, then you can carry over the forex trading process. Indian country is having certain laws and rules, if you accept those laws, then sure you can do everything you want. You should follow the law which gives outstanding benefits to make forex trading.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can find how to do the forex currency trading. From here, your wait is over!!! So, why are you still waiting? Start your forex trading in India and grab the advantages.

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