Yes Bank Savings Account – Features, Eligibility, Steps to Apply Online

Yes Bank Savings Account

Saving money, regardless of what the investing profile looks like, is important to everyone. It is quite normal in difficult times that people depend on their savings so having a savings account is an important aspect in building up their savings. Check Procedure to open YES Bank Savings Account below.

YES Bank, established in 2004, stormed the Indian banking industry into the fifth largest private-sector banking sector. You can consider a bank account that fits your banking needs, thus delivering the most efficient service through YES Bank’s large range of account options.

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Beneficiary Savings Account:

You can choose the services you need and want, without any extra or undisclosed charges for the services you will not use with the YES Bank’s Saving Account:

Features and Benefits:

  • Enjoy exciting offers with a debit card
  • Achieve unrestricted access to bank ATMs across the world
  • Get up to 6% p.a. higher returns on savings account
  • Quarterly savings interest payment
  • Draft (DD) issue is free via both branches and net banking
  • Use your YES Bank savings plan to easily pay utility bills
  • Choose your desired account number
  • With the latest technology trends, customers can easily apply, manage and track their saving account
  • Avail mobile and SMS banking
  • Enjoy YES Bank’s affordable doorstep banking services

Procedure to open YES Bank Savings Account:


Step #1: The applicant must complete the online suitable Form for the Savings Account with the personal details needed. When it has been submitted, a personalized set of choices for a savings account is created by automatically verifying the applicant’s eligibility with a list of saving accounts.

Step #2: The consumer can evaluate various options offered in the Savings Account.

Step #3: Choose the bank you want and register for a savings account. The application is sent to the chosen bank online. The Savings Account of the bank is contacted directly by the applicant. The status can be checked by the consumer through SMS and e-mail updates.

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YES Bank Savings Account Types:

YES Bank offers three types of savings accounts:


  • Savings Exclusive – Profit from high incomes on your account balance, doorstep facilities, unlimited access to ATMs in India, interest tax benefits, and more.
  • Savings Advantage – Best 6% p.a. at a high-interest rate is offered.
  • Savings Value – The full financial value with low minimum balance criteria is given with this alternative.
  • Savings Select – Receive a high 6% p.a. returns.


  • Smart Salary Platinum – Amazing best-in-class services and benefits were offered with this account.
  • Smart Salary Exclusive – There is no minimum balance requirement with 6% p.a. interest rate.
  • Smart Salary Advantage – YES Bank offers High-interest rates, and best-in-class featured services.


  • Customizable Savings Account – Customers can choose their debit cards, product plans, benefited account packages and free introductory offers.
  • Create Your Own Savings Account – Applicants can create their own Savings Account online with unlimited benefits of quarterly interest payout, ATM unlimited access benefits, tax concerns, and online banking.

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