Best Stock Apps for Android

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Stock market is one of the best places where a person can invest regularly and can earn as well. But to earn and invest, they must have the latest trends available with them. For the same, the stock apps available will help them. These applications will help them to keep an eye on my stocks, and within no time, they will be able to understand what they are up to and what they needed to do this time. Here the options are mentioned if you have no idea about the best stock apps available for Android.

4 Best Stock Apps for Android

My stocks portfolio:

It comes up with a full-screen chart that is interactive, and one can easily get the information accordingly. By using this application, if one wishes to set the price alerts, the option is there. An individual will be able to manage their portfolios accordingly, and with time they can notice that changes. They just need to tap on the Stock symbol and get all the latest news along with prices and other data. If one wishes to track the cryptocurrency market, the option is also available with this application. hit in those categories where one can grab all the latest news, information, and prices of the stock market within a while. Across 70 global markets, 100,000 institutions are boosted by it. This is one of the largest stock market apps available because it provides all the General information. If one wishes to manage the portfolio, the option is also there. In case you are looking forward to checking the cryptocurrency prices, the option is also available. It is available in a free and premium version both. When a user is using a free version, it comes up with a lot of ads. And some features are also missing. And the premium version will remove all the ads and add on some extra features as well.


Jstock is an application that is known to offer portfolio management, stock market news, watchlist, chatting, and dividend management. It is one of the best applications to use because the stock chart available shows all the games or losses and current prices as well. Hence a user will not feel like that it is not serving their requirement. Moreover, it is available with cloud storage integration, and it will act as the best desktop software with Mac, Windows, and LINUX as well. Background stock alerts are also available if you wish you can go with the same as well. It comes up with a 14-day free trial version, and after that, a person can go for a premium version.


TradingView one of the best applications because of the interface and because of the update it provides you. It provides you all the details about the Stock Market along with powerful stop chatting. It allows you to select indicators, drawing tools, and chart types as well. It will act as a fully functional stock screener and provide all the necessary details. In case a user wishes to know about cryptocurrencies option is also available. One will be able to trade directly from the charts with the help of this application. Also, it has a paper trading option available, which makes it ideal for beginners. This is the category of the best stock market app available.


These are the best stock market apps available for Android. After installing the application, your requirement will get fulfilled, and you will not face any kind of trouble at all.

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