Discover Credit Card – A Complete Overview

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Discover Credit Card is quite popular in the market as it offers 5% cashback on specific purchases and it rolls over through the year if you are spending $1500 quarterly. It is considered as one of the best Credit cards in the market if you are using it properly to take all its advantages. Unlike the other credit cards in the market, Discover credit card will double your bonuses earned in the first year, if you are a new cardmember. Due to this for the new Cardmembers, it is considered as the best credit card, at least for the first year.

Discover has a strong deal for new applicants-at the end of the 1st year of membership, they will double all cash back won. Discover Credit Card provides the best rewards of any other cashback card within the first year. If you count your bonus, you will have at least 2 percent of the total cashback rate within the first year. The Discover Credit Card is definitely one of the best reward credit cards also beating rivals like the Citi Double Cash for the first year. You can read here how to apply for a Credit Card.

Cashback Callender of 5% Bonus:

Cardholders are entitled to receive 5% cash in each year, up to a maximum of quarterly when activated. The table below explains the 5% incentive segment of the Discover Credit Card in the 2020 calendar year. To maximize the bonuses you receive is necessary to match your expenditures with this calendar. In most situations, the payment of transactions that are not part of a 5% group at any given time with an alternative credit card would be better.

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January – March           > Walgreens, CVS, Grocery Stores.

April – June                    > Uber, Gas Stations, Wholesale Clubs, and Lyft.

July – September          > PayPal and Restaurants

October – December    >, Target and

Pros and Cons of Discovery Credit Card:


  • Bonus on Cash Back – After your first year as a cardholder, Discover Credit Card will suit your entire year’s cashback to double your rewards effectively. Given the comparatively generous cashback rates, this represents a major advantage, particularly for a secured card.
  • Rewards on Cash Back – The Discover Credit Card is different from other credit cards. For gas stations and restaurants, you can receive 2 percent of cashback and up to $1 000 earned in total spending per quarter. Even on all other transactions, you can receive an unlimited 1% cashback.
  • It will automatically convert to an Unsecured Card – This makes it easier for you to switch to an unsecured card than for other safe credit cards. You actually have to apply for an unsecured card review for such secured cards and thus do not benefit from an automated check to help you move from a secured card. This card automatically reviews your account after eight months as a cardholder to see if you qualify for an unsecured card.


  • Higher APR in comparison to Others – You can not expect a low credit card APR because the credit record is poor or destroyed. Nevertheless, the Discover Credit card transactions with the 22.99 percent APR is higher than the average of other competing cards, some of which are even without an annual charge. Secondly, some other cards require you to deposit more than the Discover card, so that you can benefit from a higher account limit.
  • The maximum credit limit is lower in comparison to others – The Discover Credit Card allows you to deposit your credit limit with a security deposit that is paid back when you drop or upgrade the card. Your credit limit would equal to the amount you have deposited. You will have a maximum credit limit of $2,500.

How to Redeem?

discover-business-cardDiscovery credit card allows you to redeem your cash back with five different ways:

  • You can directly have it to a bank account of your choice.
  • You can reduce your balance as a statement of credit.
  • You can use it for Gift cards of your choice.
  • You can also use it as a charitable donation.
  • You can also choose to pay with your rewards for selected retailers like amazon.


As with several other issuers of cards, for the discovery Credit Card also, you can freeze, unfreeze, and track your credit report online or via the mobile application. If suspicious behavior occurs, the organization must inform you of any unauthorized charges which are also normal.

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How to Apply for DiscoveryCredit card?

You can simply apply for it on Discovery’s official website. Once your credentials are checked they would decide whether you are eligible or not.


  • Age – Should be 18 or above
  • Personal Info – Name, D.O.B, Social Security Number, and US Citizenship status.
  • Contact Info – Address, Phone NO. , Email
  • Financial Info – Annual income, Monthly Mortgage.

Final Words:

Discovery Credit Card is a very easy and very rewarding card for many people. Every quarter you should just take a look at the new 5% category of cashback and keep your incentives activated.

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