How to Make Money with a Forum Website?

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A forum website is an online platform where individuals can engage in discussions, share information, seek advice, and participate in community-based conversations. It provides an avenue for users with similar interests or experiences to connect and communicate with each other.

Forum websites typically have different categories or subforums, each dedicated to a specific topic or theme. Users can browse these categories and choose to participate in specific discussions that interest them. They can create new threads or join existing conversations by posting comments or replies.

Users are often required to create an account to access and participate in the discussions. This helps in maintaining a sense of community and accountability as users often have identifiable usernames or profiles. Depending on the platform, users may have different roles, such as moderators or administrators, who facilitate discussions, enforce rules, and ensure the smooth functioning of the forum.

Forums allow for asynchronous communication, meaning users can post and respond at different times, unlike real-time chat platforms. This allows for more thoughtful and in-depth discussions. Users can also subscribe to specific threads or categories, enabling them to receive notifications when new posts or replies are made.

Forum websites are popular for a wide range of topics, including technology, gaming, sports, hobbies, health, and many more. They serve as an excellent resource for individuals seeking information, guidance, or community engagement in their areas of interest.

In recent years, as social media platforms have gained popularity, some forum communities have transitioned to platforms such as Facebook groups or subreddit communities on Reddit. However, dedicated forum websites still retain a strong following as they offer a focused and organized space for discussions without the distractions or noise often found in social media platforms.

How to create a free forum website?

To create a free forum website, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a forum platform: There are several free forum software options available. Some popular ones include Wordpress, Mywebforum and phpBB. Research and select the one that best suits your needs.
  2. Register a domain name or use a subdomain: Choose a unique and relevant domain name for your forum website. You can register a domain name through a domain registrar like GoDaddy, Cloudflare or Google Domains.
  3. Configure the forum: Log in to the administrative section of your forum website using the credentials provided during installation. Customize the settings, themes, and layout of your forum according to your preferences. Set up categories and sub-forums to organize discussions effectively.
  4. Engage users: Promote your forum on various online platforms to attract users. Encourage visitors to sign up, start discussions, and participate actively by sharing interesting and valuable content. Engage with users to foster a sense of community and increase forum activity.
  5. Moderate and maintain: Regularly monitor your forum to ensure discussions are respectful and adhere to community guidelines. Address any reported issues promptly and keep your forum updated with the latest software updates and security patches.

Remember to review the terms and conditions of the forum platform you choose, as some may have restrictions on monetization or content types.

How to create a free forum website using Mywebforum?

Creating a free forum website involves a few steps, and there are platforms that make this process relatively easy. One popular platform for creating forums is "Mywebforum" Here's a general guide on how to create a free forum website using Mywebforum:

  • Select a name for your forum and a URL (web address) where your forum will be accessible. This URL will usually be in the format ""
  • Click on the "Check" button and then "Create your own Forum" button.
  • Use a simple UI form to fill out information about your forum and administrator login and password.

  • Customize Your Forum: provides various customization options to make your forum unique. You can choose a theme, add a logo, and adjust the layout to match your preferences etc...
  • Configure Forum Settings: Customize your forum's settings, such as the categories and boards you want to create, user permissions, and other forum-specific options.
  • Invite Members: Start inviting members to your forum. You can do this by sharing the forum URL with friends, on social media, or on other platforms related to your forum's topic.
  • Moderate and Manage: As your forum grows, you'll need to moderate discussions, manage user accounts, and ensure that the forum remains a friendly and productive environment.

Remember that while Mywebforum is a popular option, there are other free forum hosting platforms available as well. Here are a few additional steps you might consider for general forum creation, regardless of the platform:

  • Choose a Niche or Topic: Decide on the theme or topic of your forum. It could be anything from technology to hobbies to a specific interest.
  • Moderation: Set clear rules and guidelines for forum members and designate moderators to enforce these rules.
  • Engage: Encourage discussions and engage with your forum members. A forum thrives when there's active participation.
  • Promote: Spread the word about your forum through social media, online communities, and other relevant platforms.
  • Continuously Improve: Gather feedback from your members and make improvements to the forum based on their suggestions.
  • Keep in mind that while creating a forum can be a rewarding endeavor, it does require ongoing time and effort to maintain and grow the community.

How to make money with a forum website?

There are several ways to make money with a forum website. Here are some common methods:


Display ads on your forum website and earn revenue through ad impressions or clicks. You can join an advertising network like Google AdSense or sell ad space directly to advertisers.

Sponsored posts and threads

Allow businesses or individuals to pay for sponsored posts or threads on your forum. These can be promotional or informational posts related to their products or services.

Premium membership

Offer premium membership options for exclusive content, features, or access to special areas of the forum. Charge a subscription fee for these additional benefits.

Affiliate marketing

Promote relevant products or services through affiliate links and earn a commission for each sale or conversion generated through your referrals.


Ask your community members for voluntary contributions to support the forum's maintenance and development. You can provide extra perks or recognition to those who donate.


Set up an online store within your forum to sell merchandise, courses, or other products relevant to your community's interests.

Job board

Create a job board section on your forum where companies or individuals can post job listings. Charge a fee for listing job opportunities.

Events and meetups

Organize and promote events or meetups for your forum members. Charge entry fees or seek sponsorships from local businesses.

Content creation

Expand beyond the forum by creating and selling your own informational products, such as e-books or online courses.

Remember, building and maintaining an active and engaged community is crucial for the success of any forum website. Focus on providing value, fostering discussions, and creating a positive user experience to attract more members and opportunities for monetization.

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