How to Register For Central Bank Of India Netbanking?

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CBI net banking is an e-internet facility provided by the central bank of India which is among the most renowned bank of its region. Its primary purpose is to minimize rush in banking services. Meaning that this net banking facility allows you to make inquiries and perform necessary banking activities from your home. Without any further delay, let us see how we can register for CBI net banking and start with these amazing facilities. 

Central Bank Of India (CBI) Netbanking

cbi netbanking
Central Bank Of India Netbanking

The application process in CBI Netbanking

Before you will be able, to begin with, the online services, you have to make certain offline documentation completed. This can be done at the nearest branch of the central bank of India. The application process can also be initiated by going on the official online website. Either way, you shall follow these steps:

  • Collect the application form offline from the nearest branch (or) fill the online for on CBI official website. 
  • The application is to be submitted to the branch where your account exists currently. Even if the form is filled online the application shall be submitted to the same branch. 
  • Make sure that all the details are filled in the application correctly and as per the supporting documents attached for proof. 
  • After the successful submission of the application, the bank will start your net banking activation process. 
  • Both login password and transaction password will be sent to the registered residential address along with automated SMS confirmation. 
  • The rest of the information can be obtained from the branch or the same online mode. 
  • Using these credentials you can activate your e-banking or the net banking services. 
central bank of india
Central Bank Of India

Login Central Bank Of India Net banking:

After obtaining all the credentials which include your user ID, password and transaction security password you can start using the services provided by CBI. This means that you are now good to go on with the transaction activities including banking inquiries. 

  • Go to the login page and sign in to your net banking account. 
  • Click on the login button and get access to your banking account on the internet. 
  • After this, you are suggested to change the password to a more personalized one. 
  • It is recommended that you do all of these necessary steps using a shared window that has a virtual keyboard working on it. 

Creating the new password:

The new password is among the most important steps in your online banking procedure. The default password that is sent to you is very weak and has minimum characters for the convenience of this step. Although even that is disclosed, it is more or less like a pin and the user has to change it for a more secure net banking. 

  • As soon as you go to the redirected page on the official CBI website you can find an optioned titled as ‘online password’. Click on it and you will be directed to the next page where you will find options to change the password. 
  • During this, you will be asked for your mobile number along with the code which will be ‘91’ for Indian users which cover a majority of them. The same number shall be used along with ID to continue the procedure of changing your password. 
  • After this click on the generate button and wait for a few seconds. You will receive an auto-generated SMS on the same mobile number that you used in the previous step. This will have the access security code that will permit you for changing your net banking password. 
  • Now on the next page, you can provide you CIF ID and password generated through SMS to continue. The password you set now shall be the key to almost all your online banking services unless you change it. 

Note: The OTP provided during this password changing procedure will expire within 3 minutes. To avoid any inconvenience, make sure that the phone equipped with the registered mobile number is with you. 

central bank of india netbanking
Register CBI Netbanking

How to obtain a transaction pin in CBI Netbanking?

Your T-password is just as useful and important as your usual net banking password that is used as a credential to get access to the portal of the central bank of India. 

  • To begin, the first login with the normal ID and password and sign in your CBI  portal for net banking. You can find the ‘options’ menu in the bar above. Click on it and you shall find the option named ‘Transaction Password Generation’.
  • Use the same mobile number that you registered with. As soon as you give the registered mobile number, it receives an automated SMS with the OTP. 
  • Just like the previous password setting, even the transaction password is to be changed within 3 minutes from the point you receive the OTP otherwise it will get expired. 

However, it comes with certain don’ts that are to be followed under all circumstances. Otherwise, you can be vulnerable to several malpractices that are performed in unethical ways. 

  • To keep your CBI Netbanking safe, Never share your ID and password with anyone. Try refraining to share with your family too. 
  • Never retrieve or consider emails or messages from unknown sources. Any and every information regarding your account or offers will be addressed by official CBI handles only. Therefore any other means is suspicious and should not be authorized. 
  • Try logging out from other devices that you might have had to log in on. Even in your devices, it is suggested that you don’t keep it logged in at all times. 
  • Try avoiding public net cafes or public computers to perform any net banking as it could be dangerous. There have been times when it was used to do cybercrimes. 


The CBI net banking services that are being provided by banks are of high usability and customer convenience. They have made small yet lethargic needs of handling account so much easier. Previously only automated SMS’s could tell you about your bank details which were not much secured and had no live updates. 

This was all about how to register Central bank of India Netbanking (CBI Netbanking). This makes your transaction much easier with less risk. The internet banking services provide you with live updates of your bank account. For instance, if you make any payment online or through applications like google pay, Paytm or Phonepe, it updates it instantly.

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