The Guide to Accessing the RBL Credit Card

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RBL Bank in India provides its customers with a range of credit cards. The competitive interest rate on the credit cards and loans makes RBL Bank a specialized name in the credit market. The customers can enjoy benefit including tailor-made RBL banking services. Most of these RBL Credit Card can satisfy the customers based on their different needs.

Categories of the Credit Cards:

There are plenty of services available with the credit cards of RBL Bank. The categories include-

  • Shopping card that provides exclusive rewards, discounts, and offers on both online and offline shopping.
  • The rewards card is available to accumulate reward points and get different gifts of your choice.
  • Cashback cards help to get money on vital purchases in the form of cashback points.
  • Lifetime free cards are available with no annual fees. So, you will get free credit.
  • A travel card can get you access to the airport discounts. Besides, you can also avail discounts on hotel booking and ticket.
  • Lifestyle card comes with discounts offers and other rewards to give you basic utilities.
  • A business card is specially designed for the management of business efficiently with the help of advanced credit.
  • The entertainment card can also let you set a limit according to your spending behavior.

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List of Credit Cards:

  • Insignia Preferred Banking World Card
  • Platinum Maxima Card
  • IGU NHS Golf World Card
  • RBL Bank Fun+ Credit Card
  • Platinum Delight Card
  • Classic Reward Card
  • Titanium Delight Card
  • Platinum Cricket Card
  • Classic Shopper Card
  • Classic Platinum Card

Features and Benefits:

  • These cards can provide you with enhanced protection. The RBL Bank offers are Limited with EMV microchip thus enhancing the protection against duplication and misuse.
  • The cards also come with a PIN. It is required for authentication of the transactions even at merchant outlets. You can also get a one time password required for online transactions that will lead to verification.
  • The availability of a flexible credit limit with the RBL Bank ensures that you will get a spending limit on the card. You can also set the credit limit according to your preferences that will suit your and your family member’s needs.
  • The active alert facility is available with every transaction, missed payment, date received of bill payment, a statement for the monthly card and some other email cum SMS alerts.
  • With such facilities, you can get the convenience of accessing the card account online anywhere and at any time. Easy and convenient access to the inbuilt purchases, bank statements and also 6 months statements are available with the updated facilities.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to request for EMI option and balance transfer. The reward points are available when you spend through the credit card.
  • You can get welcome and other bonus points with the selection of the RBL Bank credit card.
  • It will also give you the facility of collecting and reward points from the range of services like flight and hotel tickets.
  • The 24/7 customer support system is available for your queries. So, you can ask anything to solve issues
  • Add on the card is available in the form of a supplementary option for your family members. You can use this card for spouse, parents, and children. Each of these cards has its credit limits according to requirements.
  • A cash advance is available with the RBL Bank credit card. You can get the opportunity of visiting any ATM that displays the logo of MasterCard, or Maestro. It will give you the opportunity to withdraw cash anywhere.
  • Other available facilities include priority pass membership, dining and Golf memberships, travel benefits, to name a few.

RBL Bank Credit Card Eligibility Factors:

Individuals who are applying for the RBL Bankcard should meet the eligibility criteria

  • Age

To apply for the RBL Bank credit card, you must fall within the limit of the age set by the bank. The age criteria are minimum 21 years and maximum of 65 years

  • Income criterion

A regular income must be there for availing the RBL Bank credit card. The income criteria are different according to the features and specifications of your RBL Bank credit card.

  • Proof

The customer should prove about his or her steady source of income for availing the credit card from RBL Bank. For this, you can be a salaried employee working under any established company or also a self-employed professional who is managing his or her own business.

  • Nationality

The applicant should be a resident or non-resident Indian.

Documents required:

For applying for an RBL bank credit card, you must submit the following documents.

A photo that is passport-sized, ID proof like PAN card/ passport/ voter ID/ any other government photo ID.

Address proof like driving license/ passport/ electricity or phone or utility bill / rental agreement.

The document also includes the latest bank or credit statement from any other bank.

For the income proof, you have to show form 16/ bank statements/ latest salary slip/income tax returns.

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Credit Card Application-New Customers:

Visit the ‘Credit Cards’ page after opening RBL Bank official website>>>Enter personal and contact details.

After the verification, the allocated bank representative will contact and guide you through the process.

Sometimes it’s mandatory to submit KYC documents and income proof.

You can visit the RBL Bank to apply for a credit card for an offline system.

Credit Card Application Online- Existing Customers:

Visit ‘Credit Cards’ page of the official website>>> enter your net banking customer id as well as mobile number.


Hopefully, the above guide has helped you in getting ideas about some of the key aspects of the RBL bank credit card, its benefits and features as well as the method of applying for it.

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