Best Computer Courses after 12th Every Student Must Know

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Computers have become the most important factor in determining employee’s worth in any company, especially in the IT sector. Graduates need a little more than a minimum knowledge of computers to be able to work as a working force. Technical professions have become the most preferred job options for youth. 

It is very natural to be new to certain computer knowledge right out of college. This is because students are taught little or no practical computer application in their courses if not included in the curriculum. Every year the block IT sector experiences a growth of 10% which consequently increases the demand of professional graduates with computer knowledge. 

To ensure a smooth career path, it is advised that the desired computer course is done right after 12th. This will help you master or equip yourself with them by the end of your graduation. Let us have a look at some of the best computer courses that you can do right after your 12th and build your technical skills. 

Best Computer Courses after 12th

Best Computer Courses After 12th
Best Computer Courses After 12th

1. MS Office certification course:

MS Office or more rightly known as the Microsoft office is by far the most used set of applications or tools for any kind of documentation that could be thought of. MS Office comprises of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word and few other additions. These applications can be downloaded on your computer right after you have the operating system installed (in this case Microsoft Windows). 

While most of the students tend to look good enough with them, it has more to it. Working with efficiency and creativity is what makes these applications so useful. The MS Office course primarily strengthens you on paper with the assuring certificate that it provides. Along with that, the course is designed to make you understand and use all the options that you might not explore otherwise. 

Working options after learning MS Office:

  • Documentation
  • Presentation
  • Design analysis
  • Theme building

Animation and VFX:

Animation courses are usually dropped as an option because they sound very technical or time-consuming. While they are pretty simple and very useful to build your career. The animation is the first and foremost step towards becoming and good graphics designer. Graphics designing includes high-level software intervention and the concerned person is expected to understand and work with them. 

To specialize at further levels, animation course will give you a strong base and a head-start to work in this colorful field. There has been a steady growth of 10%-15% every year in the animation field. It is expected to cross 23 billion US dollars by 2021. The course period can vary between 6 months to 2 years based on the number of parts you would want to learn. 

Working options after completion of animations course:

  • Freelance VFX Professional
  • VFX Expert
  • Film Animation Expert
  • Visual Effects Expert
  • Trainer
  • Creative Head

3. Web Designing and Web Development:

By far the most appreciated and attentions seeking course would be any web designing and developing courses. This course, in particular, helps you in understanding how to build a website from scratch and design it accordingly. 

Web development with the current technology could be earned and done in two ways. One is the traditional and important method which is programming using different languages and then building both client and server end. The more modern way which tends to restrict the scope but can perform most basic websites is using tools like WordPress. 

Learning both of them will make you a complete web developer. The best part of learning this combined course is that you understand how to make the website visually more appealing. This is very important from the perspective of marketing strategies. However, this course will help you majorly in your career and secure a very good job. 

Working options after learning web development:

  • Independent Web designer
  • Web designer (with Agencies/Corporates/MNCs)
  • Web Developer

4. Graphics Designing:

Graphics designing right after 12th might look a little unorthodox but students are learning at a faster pace. Several resources will help you in self-learning the basic told and how to make animations using them. These people can easily understand graphics designing tools because the way they work is almost the same. It has applications in innumerable fields that will help you in becoming an asset for the industry. 

Graphics are required for all the fields that might interest computer skills. Web development shall require graphics designing for templates creation or logo designing. Marketing strategies and depictions are made using graphics designing. Similarly, a range of fields feels the impact of graphics designing. 

The scopes of work after learning graphics designing are:

  • Self-employed web designer
  • Web designer
  • UFX designer
  • Graphics designer for any company

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5. Digital Marketing:

This shouldn’t be a new term to your ears. Almost everyone in the world today has come across the word digital marketing which sounds oceanic. But what if it is also among the easiest things to learn. Digital marketing is a collective term that brings all the social media, and promotional activities through the internet under a single umbrella. 

To be more specific, let us take an example of a normal social media user like any of us. We have privacies, criteria, attention and fame span and potential. Similarly, all of those platforms can be used to gain market value for the products or services that might be looking to promote it.

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp for product niche, and websites are the primary building blocks of digital marketing. Simplifying it is very important with some 3rd party apps. A professional accounts handler uses valuable social media content and tie-up with influencers to promote works using all the online platforms. 

Work option after digital marketing:

Digital Marketing professional (work for agencies)

Online Brand Management professional

  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO consultant
  • SEO Professional 
  • Instructor for the same course.

These are widely known as the strongest course options after 12th. Learning any of these can make your ambitions much easier to reach and train you for better employment. 

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