How to Apply for the New CSC Registration?

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Common Service Centre (CSC) is one of the mission mode projects towards making our nation “a digital nation”. In simple words, Apna CSC is a pan India network that works towards making our country a digital country. To be an instance, CSC (Customer Service Centre) is a front-end public utility service for government and non-government service delivery points that are only meant for the customers enabled with communication and information technology. Check simple steps to CSC registration below.

The central government of India has established this scheme to provide access to the people for social welfares, healthcare, utility payments, financial, education, FMCG products, entertainment, banking, financial services, and agriculture services. It also hosts B2C and G2C in rural and remote areas. To be an instance, the new registration is now open for the Customer Service Centre. The main purpose of this article is to let you people aware of the correct registration process for the same.

CSC Registration:

As of now, the CSC (Customer Service Centre) registration can be only done online. The applications are efficiently advised to get ready with their scanned and important documents for VLE CSC registration. Moreover, the applicants should be having a working mobile number and email ID for completing the verification process. It is more advised to read out all the terms and conditions including guidelines before filling out the form for doing CSC registration. 

Therefore, before directly coming to the registration process. Let me mention the required documents and also the eligibility for the registration.

Documents Required:

Here is the list of complete documents that are required during CSC registration. As I mentioned earlier that applicant should have their scanned copy and in the right format for uploading online.


All the applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria before doing the registration process.


Now, as we know the list of required documents and also, the eligibility criteria of the Customer Service Centre (CSC). It is time to follow out of the registration process. (It is only for those who have the complete list of required documents and comes under the eligibility criteria)

Within some time frame. You will know that either your application is rejected or approved. If your application gets approved then you will receive the VLE and digital login details via SMS. 

How to Check CSC Application Status?

We are done with the registration process but how we will know that our application is approved or not? No worries. If you do not get the email from the center then you can manually check the status of your CSC application. I already have mentioned the steps below.

Note: There is no need to worry. If your application gets rejected then you can also apply again for the same.


We know the CSC comes under the national e-governance plan and under the scheme of making our country a digital country. It is generally a front-end delivery point for government and non-government sectors. The main work of CSC is to connect local people from rural and remote areas with government departments, banks, and insurance companies, etc.

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