What is Acko’s New Car Insurance Campaign All About

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You certainly must have come across Acko’s latest car insurance campaign – ‘Car Insurance KeTedhe Games’. The campaign brings back the memories of Takeshi’s Castle, a show we loved watching when growing up.

However, Acko’s campaign is focused on how the car insurance buying process can be tiresome and complicated for the people. But when buying Acko car insurance, the process does not have to be dreadful. In fact, it is less time-consuming and saves you a fortune. This latest campaign is conceptualised and created by Leo Burnett Orchard and has been narrated by our beloved actor and comedian, Javed Jaffrey.

Acko new car insurance campaign

As we know, people in India are sceptical about buying car insurance online, even today. The complexity of the online buying process makes it all the more difficult for insurers to gain the trust of the audience. Today, many leading car insurance providers offer their facilities and services on their website. Whether you want to buy a new car insurance plan, renew your existing policy, make a claim, or purchase add-on covers – all you have to do is visit the insurer online.

Talking about buying car insurance online specifically, let us take a look at the standard process that you need to follow –

  1. Visit the chosen insurer online and go to the ‘Car Insurance’ section.
  2. Select the type of car insurance policy you need – third party or comprehensive car insurance.
  3. Select the add-on covers (if any)
  4. Fill the application form with your details and car details.
  5. Based on your chosen coverage and add-on benefits, the insurer will calculate the premiums.
  6. If you agree with the premium amount displayed on the dress, proceed to make an online payment.
  7. Review the policy details before you pay the premium.
  8. Once the premium is paid, the insurer will issue the policy in no time.

Most insurers also offer a car insurance calculator that helps determine the premium amount based on your needed coverage and add-on benefits. You can use it to narrow down your car insurance options and then choose a policy that is affordable and fulfils your needs.

Another thing that Acko’s car insurance campaign highlights is, how agents tend to pursue people into buying a policy with them. While they manage the application overhead for you, the commission fees charged increase your overall premium amount. The commission is charged for every action you decide to take on your policy – be it renewal, adding riders, or claiming on your car insurance plan.

Buying a car insurance plan online knocks out each of these additional charges. Thus, making your policy affordable for you. In all, the campaign focuses on how Acko car insurance is beneficial to the audience. Besides being affordable, the brand helps its customers understand that any car insurance-related services with them need not be time-consuming. There are no hidden charges, which makes car insurance even cheaper.

And if it is any bonus, Acko’s nationwide car insurance campaign looks fresh and charming. Depicting the journey of buying and claiming car insurance in India, the paperwork, repair runs, and hidden charges, it shows the audience that Acko car insurance is the solution to put an end to such grievances.

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