Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship? (Top Answers Of 2024)

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Are you going to deal with your first interview and looking to ace in it? If yes, then the first most question you can be asked is “Why should you be hired for this internship”? It is proved to be one of the toughest on-site questions which many internship aspirants fail to answer.

This question might appear simple while listening but actually becomes tough when you reach on-site. Believe us no magic can help you in answering this question until you don’t know about yourself.

Now this question may be found as an insulting or ridiculous question. But this is the main question that is packed up in the script of most of the companies nowadays. Moreover, the organizations seek interns only for the betterment of their company or brand. Between this, the particular intern gets a good opportunity to learn things in a better and optimized way.


A good internship can really make your future bright and may bring you some great career opportunities too. But to grab a good internship from a good organization, you should impress the interviewer. And for that, you must know the answer to the question “Why should you be hired for this internship”.

The main factor on which your whole interview depends is your first impressions. If the first impressions given by you don’t throw good vibes, then the interview can take a different road. Having all the knowledge about the company, its background, its achievements, future outlook & top management can help you in making a good first impression.

“Why should you be hired for this internship” is a question which if answered correctly can give you a bright opportunity even if you are not a bright student. But if you screw up in answering this question, then even a bright student fails to grab the opportunity.

We admit that it is a tough question. Therefore you should prepare well for this. Many students talk endlessly about the efforts they did and the achievements they have. Moreover, some students assemble their ideas to fit in a frame so as to give a good response.

Before answering the question “Why should you be hired for this internship”, you must be knowing its importance. This question holds the power to decide that you will be selected or not. Below are some tips that you can use to give a good answer to this question.

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Best Tips to Answer “Why should you be hired for this internship”

Tips are something that can really help you out in this situation. But creating own & unique strategies before going for an interview can fetch you something really good.

Tip 1: Start answering this question by saying that you have researched a lot about their organization and you know what they are actually looking for. Moreover, make sure to have complete knowledge about their organization and review the internship form 2-3 times. This will help in knowing that what they are really looking for.

Tip 2: Now proceed further by telling about your experiences in the same field. Tell them how you have managed this kind of work efficiently.

Tip 3: Simply end your answer by telling your strengths and achievements in the particular field.

To make your answer more effective and impressive, you should prepare your answer by adding the following things:

  • Technical & Software skills
  • Education/Training/Certification
  • Key accomplishments
  • Training experience
  • Projects are undertaken and the experience gained from them

You must have researched a lot about this question and must be getting different answers from every source. This availability of so many sources creates a lot of hype and ends in confusion. Thus, to take you out from these confusions we have provided some sample answers. You can use these answers to get an idea and optimize your answer in order to impress the interviewer.

Why should you be hired for this Internship? (Top Answers)

Answer 1:

That’s really a good question. What if I say that I have researched a lot about your company and gone through your internship form deeply. Moreover, I know what your company is really looking for. Having the suitable skills, I think I can be the one who can drive quality traffic to your websites. Apart from this, I can make them more optimized so as to create good user-experience.

Answer 2:

I have been a quick learner since I became mature. This quality helps me to become a part of any opportunity. Moreover, my passion for work never lets me down. Apart from this, it also helps to increase my creativity in respective fields.

I also have proper knowledge about your industry, its background, work culture & its future outlook. While analyzing the internship form and seeing the industry requirement, I really felt that my skills sync with them. So, I feel that this gives me a good advantage over the other candidates for the required position.

Answer 3:

I was really looking out to work in your company since past few years. And for now, finally, I have got a chance. I could prove my passion if I get a chance to work with the employees of your company. I can put my every strength and effort to learn & support the company to make it better.

I have seen portfolios of your company and I am really impressed by the skills of the CEO. I really want to work with him in person. Moreover, I am deeply impressed with your office environment and having a chance to work with you will help me to showcase my skills.

Answer 4:

I am a fresher and I really need someone to guide me. I don’t want to miss the opportunity of working with you. My main aim is to learn and apply things in reality.  My creative skills can really bring out new and innovative ideas.

I have already brought some innovate ideas with me. If I get a chance to do an internship in your company, I will be happy to share them with my seniors. I am pretty sure that they will respect my ideas and help me in growing. I believe in teamwork. Moreover, I can add maximum value to your brand by working with your team.

Answer 5:

You should hire me for this internship as I have been really working hard for becoming an intern in your company. I have practiced and acquired a lot of knowledge in the domain on which your company works. Moreover, I want a platform where I can show my acquired knowledge and skills in practical life.

Working in your company will give me the opportunity to showcase my abilities. Apart from this, I am ready to give my whole heart in working for your company. This will also help me in learning and acquiring new technologies. I am really convinced by the work atmosphere and the domain of your company. Therefore, I really think you should hire me for this internship.

Answer 6:

I think I have the ability of quick learning and acquiring new technologies easily. My flexible workability helps me to work with any kind of technical work. Moreover, I have researched a lot about the domain on which your company works. And I am pretty sure about the requirements of your company.

The only thing I want is a chance to work with your company. This will also help me to gain knowledge and acquire the latest skills. Apart from this, I think I can slip into the work and actually add more and more value to your company.

Answer 7:

I am a hard working individual and looking for a platform to guide me. I am always dedicated to my work and the passion makes me extra hard work. I have a trait of socializing with people who can help to get in with the people easily. And I am pretty sure that this trait is the basic necessity for the post I have applied.

I know how to handle pressure and don’t panic in unmanageable situations. Apart from this, I am dedicated to my goals and I know how to balance things easily. If you provide me a chance to work with your company, I will add maximum value to your company for sure.


So this was all about the ways in which you can answer the question “Why should you be hired for this internship”. If you are willing to be hired for a particular internship, then make sure to carry a good resume. The resume should have a good format and contain all the details necessary for the post of an intern.

If possible, you must provide references so as to make it easy for the interviewer to verify the details, if required. You should remember to stay humble while answering the question and should have a smile over your face. This will throw positive vibes and impress the interviewer. Apart from this, you can prefer the above answers to the question “Why should you be hired for this internship”.

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