Top 7 Best Pension Plans in India

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Are you retired and looking for some best pension plans? If yes, proceed further with this article to know more. In general, retirement is a must for every human being in this world. It is the period where one can able to take complete rest after working hard for so many years. But without money or earning one could not live a comfortable life after retirement. At that time, here come the best pension plans in India for you. Just make use of your most suitable plans and live your retired life peacefully.

Benefits of Pension Plans:

If you make use of the pension plans, sure monthly you will get the income which is more than enough for your expense. You also need to ask for money to anyone after your retirement. Hence you can get guaranteed income via pension plans.

There are some premium options are available in the pension plans, which are very much reasonable. Sure you will get more money and with that, you can able to do anything you want.

When you use the pension plans, you will get enough money where you can meet your financial needs and emergency expenses. It is the best option for financial security.

You can also make use of the immediate annuity plans, which your company will give you money regularly per month.

Tax benefits are the highlighted benefit of the pension plans and here you no need to pay more tax when you involved in this plan.

Best Pension Plans in India:

Below, you can check out the 7 best pension plans in India.

This pension plan is mainly considered as the participating, individual, traditional, non-linked pension plan. And it can able to provide policyholder security from market volatility and fluctuation. It is said to be the guaranteed bonus for the 1st 5 years. The maximum amount required for the premium payment will be Rs 7500 per annum. The minimum assured amount is Rs 1 lakh without any maximum limit.

This plan is mainly considered as the annuity pension plan with the assured profits in a most effective manner. Whenever the amount is needed for the individual during any emergency situation, this plan can be executed very effectively. At the time of the deferral period, this plan mainly offers the best risk cover. From the 6th year onwards, the policyholders are having the complete right to get participated with the organization’s profits. Here, during this plan, there is no maximum limit for the required sum has been assured.

This policy plan mainly helps the policyholder to get regular income even after they got retirement. It is mainly possible via the equity investment. Just make use of this easy retirement policy and experience great advantages. This plan also mainly offers the extraordinary long term returns and it provides security against the market volatility. This pension plan also provides payment in various different time streams such as yearly, half-yearly or monthly.

This plan is one of the most extraordinary units linked to a pension plan which is provided by HDFC life. This mainly offers the return depending on the market along with the policy addiction. This process is best for those who are going to retire and through this plan; you can enhance your future financial level. There is a certain single payment and limited payment options are found in one particular product. With the help of the guaranteed maturity benefits, you can able to secure your retirement in a most advanced manner. The maximum age to grab this plan is 45 years. Many tax benefits are also available here.

This smart pension plan is mainly said to be the non participating unit linked pension plan which will let you to regularly save it. You can grab some of the most ultimate premium options through this plan like regular premium paying term, limited premium paying term and single premium paying term. Regular income for the whole lifetime is guaranteed. Based on certain terms and conditions, you can get the tax benefits.

This plan is the non-participating, unit-linked general pension or retirement plan to help the policyholders to live their life peacefully after the retirement. There are many benefits are available in this scheme. You can also gain tax benefits in an ultimate manner. This policy is having great maturity, survival and death benefits. You can choose your suitable policy premium amount.

This pension plan is basically the non-unit-linked insurance plan which is provided by the Bajaj Alliance group with an effective single premium option. Sure you can able to get the regular income after your retirement with the help of this plan. According to the tax laws and regulations, you can able to get the proper tax benefits.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can check out the list of 7 best pension plans in India. You can choose your most suitable one and enhance your financial status to the next level. The amount will be useful for you in many situations after retirement. Hence you can make use of it.

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